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4 Reasons Why Colour Coordinating Earrings Is Essential To Do All Year Round (2022)

4 Reasons Why Colour Coordinating Earrings Is Essential To Do All Year Round (2022)

4 Reasons Why Colour Coordinating Earrings Is Essential To Do All Year Round (2022)


You might not even be aware of this, but your style is a statement of who you are. Looking chic and trendy makes you look youthful and fashionable, and it's actually crucial for success believe it or not. Dress to impress is certainly a thing and always will be, so if you want people to have a good perception of you, read on.

Having colour coordinated earrings is a staple, and a saviour. When people look at you they see your face and everything around it.. that's why your earrings always need to look sensational. Let's get right in!!


It looks like you've put in a lot more effort, than you actually might've done!

People like to feel important and most importantly we like to feel a sense of friendships, importance and commitment. When you see someone who's colour coordinated throughout, you subconsciously feel like they've tried and made an effort for this get-together. Whether its at work, out for a coffee, or at a friends house! People like to feel a sense of importance and this makes them feel like their close friend has wanted to make them feel special, and as if their company means something to you. 

Check out this gorgeous green co-rd, this trio is a killer. Nothing screams 'I have unreal taste and I colour-coordinate my wardrobe', like this set!. It sure makes heads turns and makes you feel very powerful, at peace and secure! - Trio shown in Silver, but also available in gold

Green Trio Earring Set

Available here:


It can really help you show off your dominance and power in the room

We're not saying you already need to have this power, but we are saying it'll make you feel very powerful. Imagine you look at someone who looks quite scruffy and like they haven't put much effort in to how they look. Then you look at someone else, the first thing your eyes see is this energy of coordination. After all, when people look at you, they look at what's directly in their eye line, and that's exactly why your earrings are so important.

Whether you're at work, at school, or out with your friends, you want to make sure you always look well put together and have a powerful aura about you. Regardless of age or status, fake it till you make it! Why not help yourself out wherever possible? These small things go a really long way.

This set of our dreamiest Black and Blue earrings is to die for. We don't have to remind you that black is the most powerful colour in the book, do we? Blue portrays stability and peace, whilst black speak for itself and truly takes all the attention. This set is perfect for the days where you have an important meeting at work, or an exam at school and you want to feel confident, powerful and on top of the world. 

Blue and Black Gold Set

 Available here:

Black Brooke Gold Huggies
Black Bonita Gold Huggies
Blue Bambi Gold Hoops


You look like you know a hell of a lot about fashion and style

Feeling confident is a superior feeling, it changes the way you look, the way you walk, the way your face sparkles, and so much more! Colour coordination is the simplest and most effective way of making it seem like you know your stuff about the fashion world. No one expects you to wear Prada or Gucci in order to show off your style, you can do something as simple as colour coordinate your outfits, and you've truly made it in the fashion world. 

Looking fashionable and feeling good, really changes your whole aura. You can colour coordinate different colours together, for the unrivalled killer looks. This earring set can really help you look the best you've ever looked and feel on top of the world. When the sunlight hits these earrings, you really are a show stopped to say the least. 

This Golden Crystal Set of earrings.. is truly the most beautiful thing you'll see today. Talk about really showing off, grabbing attention, and radiating the highest degree of luxury, right? The left and middle set are also available in silver, the dreamiest. 

Gold Crystal Earring Set

 Available here:

Crystal Coco Gold Huggies
Crystal Cali Gold Huggies
Crystal Cami Gold Hoops


It helps you channel your inner your and your daily mood

All year round you want to be channeling your inner happiness and your inner daily mood. What you wear really symbolises your mood in that current time frame. Wearing yellow for when you wake you and you feel happy, or wearing grey because you feel down and you don't want anyone to talk to you. Colours can really truly illustrate how we feel during the day and what our thoughts process was when we woke up and we were deciding on our outfit! 

Its nice to be able to have something in life you can rely on, for it to speak a thousand words and mean you can stand there and the outfit does all the talking for you! 

If you're going on a date, and you want to feel girly, full of love, nurture, compassion and seem really understanding.. wear some pink! Imagine showing up to a date, to your lesson, or out for dinner in an amazing pink outfit where people perceive you as understanding and nurturing, you will really make heads turn for all the right reasons! 

Pink Gold Huggies and Hoops Set

Available here:

Pink Penelope Gold Hoops
Pink Poppy Gold Huggies
Pink Phoebe Gold Huggies



Let's be honest here, the most important thing in life is to be happy within yourself. When you feel confident, powerful, stylish, full of compliments, etc.. you thrive. Wearing gorgeous earrings ensures all of this. Once your make up looks phenomenal, and your outfit looks great, what else is there left to do? Yes, gorgeous jewellery, you guessed it. Don't hesitate, prioritise yourself and the way you look. The better you look the better you'll feel! ______________________________________________________________________








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